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lead me to another EDEN.
welcome to rowan and guil's joint icon community! graphics will consist mainly of icons and the occasional colored manga panel. subjects consist mainly of animanga, the original works of which belong to their respective copyrighted owners. fanart used in icons will be credited when possible, and if you see your work being used without credit please contact us immediately so that we may take whatever action you request, whether it be proper credit or removal of the material. CREDIT is requested, COMMENTS are loved. HOTLINKING is not cool or good for our photobucket bandwidth. you may JOIN/WATCH the community if you like what you see!

rowan initially created this community, influenced by eden of the east. she's been making icons since late 2006, first posting her work at cherrystu, then moving to terza_teacup before creating this shared community. lately she has taken up manga coloring and some of her attempts will be posted here. updates are sparse for now, and most posts will consist of icontest and lims submissions. her icons have placed at various communities over the years, and she has been the last icon maker standing at three different contests in 2009 and one in 2010, and was runner up in another lims as well.

guil has yet to write a bio ;;

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